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What is Cataract?

Cataracts are cloudy ( opaque ) areas that develop in the lens of an eye. The lens should normally be clear. But, if you develop cataracts, the affected lens becomes like "Frosted glass". Depending on the severity of the cataract, the effect on your sight can range from vision being slightly blurred to complete blindness in the affected eye. Some people have the wrong idea that a cataract is like a skin that forms over the eye or lens. When a cataract has diminished your vision to the point your glasses no longer help you see what you need for your normal life’s activities, enjoyment, reading, driving, or safety, it is time for cataract removal.

Cataracts can occur in just one eye but eventually it will be both eyes. However we tend not to operate on both eyes in one session in case there is an infection and it spreads to both eyes. Currently there is no medical treatment to reverse or prevent the development of cataracts. Vision correction can only be achieved by replacing the cataract [clouded natural lens] with a clear artificial intra-ocular implant lens.

Cataract surgery never has to be repeated and the implants last forever. On rare occasions, implants can be exchanged for various reasons but this is a very rare event.

The decision to have cataract surgery is an important one that only you can make. The goal of any vision restoration procedure is to improve your vision. However, we cannot guarantee you will have the results you desire.

Once removed, cataracts will not grow back. But some patients may experience clouding of a thin tissue, called the capsular bag, that holds the intra-ocular lens. In most cases, a laser is used to painlessly open the clouded capsule and restore clear vision with a procedure called a capsulotomy.

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Cateracts Eye Surgeon Surrey & Sussex
Cataracts Eye Surgeon Surrey & Sussex