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What are Floaters?

The back of the eye is filled with a jelly like substance called vitreous. This is normally transparent. A natural ageing process causes the vitreous to collapse in some individuals. When this occurs it is usually quite sudden causing "Floaters" or "cobwebs" to appear in the vision. The patient will often notice an associated flashing light at the side of the vision. This light maybe quite dim so that it is most commonly seen in the dusk or dark. Occasionally as the vitreous separates it can tear the retina. This may cause retinal detachment or even some bleeding within the eye. This complication is more likely in short sighted people. We can offer urgent assessment to ensure that no retinal tear or retinal detachment present. The retinal tear can be fixed with laser in the clinic and we work with a team of retinal surgeons who can perform retinal reattachment surgery to maintain your vision. There are also some rare causes for floaters, which can mostly be diagnosed during detailed eye examination.

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