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Our mission to end preventable blindness through tele-ophthalmology

Mr Sheikh feels proud to support projects to expand access to high quality eye care in the less developed areas of the world using tele-ophthalmology.

If all people with eye/vision problems had immediate access to diagnosis and prompt care, 80% of the world’s blindness could be eliminated. The problem is partly caused by the inability to transport expensive, fragile equipment to remote areas, where scant or no facilities exist, to perform eye exams.

Tele-ophthalmology or portable photography using smartphone technology can be performed anywhere to help screen for the causes of avoidable blindness, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.”

On his recent visit to Pakistan, Mr Sheikh collaborated with prevention of blindness trust, an eye charity working in Africa and Asia, to conduct training and screening sessions using two of the available low cost tele-ophthalmology tools at Al Habib eye hospital.

The first device D-eye attaches to a smartphone to record high-resolution images and video of the posterior segment. The D-Eye software app installed on the smartphone provides instructions on obtaining the images and videos and archives them on a patient chart. D-eye provides an easy to use, affordable and portable system for testing eyes. D-EYE, a revolutionary approach to eye and retinal examination system that will afford access to vital eye health screening anywhere is constantly developed and is FDA approved.

Secondly an innovative approach for saving eyesight with a 3D printed eye examination kit was employed.

The oDocs Eye Care kit comes in a simple and minimalist design making it extremely portable and light-weight. It also uses mobile apps and camera to take and store images and videos. It can be used by any healthcare worker in remote parts of the world for screening. The information is relayed to a central Reading centre for further assessment and management.